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LMN and the ongoing Palestine crisis

In the last month the world has seen a series of serious escalations across the occupied Palestinian territories. This has included demonstrations by extremist far-right groups in Jerusalem chanting “death to Arabs”, forced evictions and displacement of residents in the occupied neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah, and violent attacks by Israeli forces on Al-Aqsa mosque on the final Friday of the holy month of Ramadan.

The Labour Muslim Networks has called on the Labour Party leadership to urgently and unequivocally speak out against the violent escalation by Israeli forces, stand up for the inalienable human rights of Palestinians, and actively support the enforcement of international law. The 2021 local elections have shown us that communities across Britain desperately need the Labour Party to set out its vision for the UK and the world. We need to stand up for peace and justice. That must include standing with Palestinian communities in this most urgent moment.

After 3,000+ Labour member signatures, 100s of Councillors & statements from over 50 MPs, Keir Starmer and Lisa Nandy have now both addressed the ongoing situation in Jerusalem.

Labour must now demand an end to forced expulsions Sheikh Jarrah Neighbourhood, and a halt to all arms sales to the IDF. With reports of Israeli air strikes now taking place in Gaza, and the murder of 9 children ~2 days before Eid, Labour must be a voice for justice.

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