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LMN Research Centre

The Labour Muslim Network research and policy center is a groundbreaking initiative that works to ensure the breadth of voices, opinions and priorities within UK Muslim communities is represented in the Labour movement.


Working with key stakeholders, charities, mosques and communities on the ground, we delve deep into the issues Muslim Labour members and supporters care about most, their views and the kind world we want to help build. By producing unique research into the views and outlooks of Muslim members and supporters on the ground, we are also able to contribute to the breadth of policy discussions taking place within the Labour Party.


To participate in future research, policy discussions and help drive our work, look below for our latest research and do not hesitate to get in touch with our team (at

Muslim Girl Studying

Islamophobia and the Muslim Experience: The Labour Party Report

The growing threat of Islamophobia in mainstream politics has caused significant concern in across Muslim communities in Britain. Since the 2016 EU referendum, we have seen a sharp rise in hate crime and - in particular - a rise in violent and non-violent Islamophobic attacks. Home Office figures released in October 2020 showed that the highest number of recorded hate crime offences committed in the UK were against Muslims. Of the 6,822 religious hate crimes recorded by the police in 2019/20, over 50% were targeted towards Muslims.

With this and the increasing normalisation of Islamophobia in the Conservative party, and a growing concern over its perceived penetration into the Labour Party, Muslims across the country find themselves in a precarious position.

The research commissioned and conducted by the Labour Muslim Network aimed to take an honest look at the prevalence and nature of Islamophobia in one of Britain’s largest political parties. Our goal has been to capture the experiences of Muslim members and supporters of the Labour Party, explore institutional barriers and begin to develop solutions where the  party falls short in tackling this racism. The research was conducted in the spirit that we make the Labour Party a safe and open space for Muslims and all peoples who wish to fight for a fairer, more just society.

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