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The LMN Islamophobia Roundtables - Join Now!

In November 2020, the Labour Muslim Network launched our report into Islamophobia within the Labour Party ( The report was a groundbreaking piece of research into the experiences of Muslim members across the Labour Party. From ordinary members to public representatives, Councillors to activists across CLPs, we heard the stories of Muslim experiences across our movement - many for the first time.

We wanted to first thank you all for your support in both the research and publication phases of this report. Over the past two months we have seen an incredible outpouring of support and sparked a real conversation in the Labour Party regarding Islamophobia.

Now is the time to follow that conversation with action.

Following the publication of the Islamophobia report, the leader of the Labour Party Sir Keir Starmer, along with deputy leader Angela Rayner and general secretary David Evans, agreed to the LMN recommendations in full and the development of an action plan on Islamophobia in the Labour Party. Over the coming months, we will monitor this action plan to ensure it can begin to address the serious issues and concerns raised by members all across the country.

The Labour Muslim Network believes that this action plan and any work to tackle Islamophobia must be open, transparent and willing to listen to all voices in our movement.

That is why we have been keen to ensure that the work taking place is open for contributions from all. This includes ordinary local members, activists, councillors, MPs and stakeholders within the community. Because of this belief we have organised a variety of roundtable events to allow everyone to participate in and drive the work we will be embarking on over the coming months to tackle Islamophobia. This is the opportunity for everyone to get involve and help shape the work on Islamophobia.

Register to attend the appropriate roundtable to you here:

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