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The LMN Annual Ramadan Iftaar

The Labour Muslim Network was fortunate to once again hold its annual Ramadan iftar this year in west London. Joined by the leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn, Afzal Khan MP, Huda Elmi and others - we were able to break our fast and discuss the critical issues facing Muslims in British society. Our congregation heard from a breadth of speakers and experiences, reminding us of the importance of the Labour Party being connected right at the heart of our communities.

This years iftaar was also held in a very significant location: Al Minaar Mosque. Al Minaar Mosque is a place that helped so many people during the tragice Grenfell Tower Fire in 2017. From immediate responses, supporting families and providing food and clothing to those who had lost so much in the tragedy. Al Minaar showed the important roles many Mosques play within their community.

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