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LMN Statement on Parliamentary Selections

The Labour Muslim Network wants to congratulate all the candidates around the country for putting yourself forward to be a Parliamentary candidate in the next election. Standing for public office is an incredibly brave act - particularly as a Muslim - and we want to firstly applaud you on putting yourself forward.

The LMN executive committee has made a decision in this cycle of selections that we will not be endorsing any individual candidates. This is until we are able to fully establish local LMN chapters across the country promoting the voice of local Muslim members. We are committed to ensuring that any and all future endorsements are representative of the views and values of local Muslims in a Parliamentary constituency.

However, we are always happy to provide support to all candidates who approach us. This is particularly if you face any Islamophobia or unfairness in the selection process. If there is any support our team can provide you, please contact us at and we are more than happy to discuss this.

Thank you for standing once again and the very best of luck to all candidates!

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