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LMN releases "Islamophobia and the Muslim Experience" report

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Last summer the Labour Muslim Network commissioned research into the prevalence of Islamophobia in the Labour Party and the experience of our Muslim members and supporters. Over a two month period, we conducted the largest consultation of Muslims in the history of the Labour Party.

Today we are releasing the report.

The findings of this report are deeply concerning. They are a stark reminder that if our party is to meet its promise of an open and fair society, and if it is to continue in its anti-racist traditions, it must tackle the issue of Islamophobia in our midst, and in wider society with serious commitment and action.

There can be no doubt that now is the right time for comprehensive action on the issue of racism experienced by Muslim members and supporters of the Labour Party, including by taking immediate steps to begin implementing the recommendations of the report.

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