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Model Islamophobia Motion

This Branch/CLP notes that:


  1. Islamophobia across Britain is on the rise. Since the 2016 EU referendum, we have seen a sharp rise in hate crime and - in particular - a rise in violent and non-violent Islamophobic attacks. Home Office figures released in October 2020 showed that the highest number of recorded hate crime offences committed in the UK were against Muslims. Of the 6,822 religious hate crimes recorded by the police in 2019/20, over 50% were targeted towards Muslims.

  2. The Labour Muslim Network report into Islamophobia within the Labour Party is stark and deeply concerning.

  3. The report shows that more than one in four Muslim members and supporters have directly experienced Islamophobia within the Labour Party, and more than one in three have witnessed it directly.

  4. The report also shows that nearly half (44%) of Muslim members and supporters do not believe the Labour Party takes Islamophobia seriously, 55% do not "trust the leadership" to tackle Islamophobia effectively and 48% do not have confidence in our complaints procedures (much more in the report itself).


This Branch/CLP believes that:


  1. Islamophobia has no place in our party and in British society. If we are to be a truly anti-racist party, we must root out Islamophobia from the Labour Party with serious commitment and action.

  2. We must listen to the voices and experiences of Muslim members as we move forward in tackling Islamophobia together.


This Branch/CLP resolves:


  1. To work with the Labour Muslim Network and all other relevant stakeholders to eliminate Islamophobia from all sections of our Party and society.

  2. To accept in full the recommendations proposed in the 'Islamophobia and the Muslim experience' report.

  3. If possible, to organise Islamophobia awareness training for all members, officers and local Labour representatives.

  4. To formally adopt the Islamophobia definition and examples - as created by the APPG on British Muslims, and endorsed by LMN and the Muslim Council of Britain.

  5. To call on the Labour leadership to act swiftly and show serious commitment to tackling the issue of Islamophobia within the party.

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