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Building a Movement


A World Class Experience

The Labour Muslim Network offers members a unique opportunity every year to a world-class and immersive learning and development program. 

The LMN Leadership program will take members through comprehensive skills-based training, knowledge building and connect them to the experience of prominent public officials. This program is designed to give members all the tools and self-belief they need to succeed in being part of building a Labour party that reflects all of society.


Bringing you together

There are over 500 Muslim Councillors all across the UK serving their communities on a daily basis. With over 75% of Muslim Councillors being in the Labour Party, the Labour Muslim Network is proud to launch the Muslim Councillor Network.  

LMN’s Muslim Councillor Network provides a platform for Muslim Councillors to be supported throughout their term in office and provided valuable training and development to best serve their communities. The network also provides a platform for Councillors to support one another through collaboration, networking and sharing of best practice.